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Why The Kettlebell Swing Is Good For You Back

Experience has taught me that the Kettlebell Swing is one of the most beneficial all-round exercises for the general population. I’ve also found it has helped so many of my clients who once suffered with lower back pain. Here’s why.

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How To Fix Tight Glutes

One of the more common complaints I come across with new personal training clients is tight glute muscles. This is often caused by excessive sitting at the office and driving as well as lots of repetitive running and cycling. This is how I use a lacrosse ball to help alleviate that pain in the bum.

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Turkish Get Up Tutorial

The Turkish Get up (TGU) is one of the most universal exercises I can think of. It’s perfect for the teenage MMA fighter who doesn’t want to get pinned on the mat while toughening his shoulders. It’s even more useful for the 80 year old who needs to learn to get off the floor if he or she falls over.

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