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Nourishing Moves

My Nourishing Moves training methods are designed to get you moving better, feeling better and looking better with sustainable exercise to bring a lifetime of progress. There are three Nourishing Moves paths to choose from to suit your specific goal, Pilates, Tai Chi and The Art of Strength.

All 3 focus on developing movement skills while reducing stress and nourishing your body to become stronger, more flexible, mobile and robust so you can experience life to the full. My progressive training methods are always being refined to be as clear and practical as possible so you can get the most from your amazing body.


Reach your personal goals

For each of my 3 Nourishing Moves Paths, Tai Chi, Pilates and the Art of Strength, I offer personal 1-1 or small group training in the Bournemouth and New Forest area. This can be at your home, local park or other preferred space. I also offer 1-1 coaching online through regular skype calls with downloadable videos and written program manuals tailored to you.

My personal training, be it at home or online focuses on setting a clear goal for you and creating a plan to reach it in the most effective and fun way.

Please contact me for a free consultation to see how we can work together.


Join the community

To get involved with the Nourishing Moves community you may wish to join one of my group classes. I offer group classes in all three of my Nourishing Moves paths around the Bournemouth and New Forest area.

Please contact me to discuss my group classes and which ones are best suited to your goals and level.


My latest updates


Restore    precision    core


Based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this complete conscious movement system is a perfect solution to our modern sedentary lifestyle. The mat based exercise will nourish the body-mind with breath led movement, allowing you to flex, extend and twist with precision, grace and flow.


Balance    flow    energy


Tai Chi is an internal martial art which is built on the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. The self-defense techniques and training practices work in a more harmonious way to harder external martial arts such as karate and kickboxing allowing Tai Chi to age with you.


longevity    toned    strong


The Art of Strength is Stuart Ward’s unique method of nourishing the body-mind by developing the skill of strength. The Art of Strength uses body weight exercise along with ancient training equipment from around the world such as kettlebells, suspension straps, Indian clubs, battle ropes, maces and sandbags.