Art of strength

The Art of Strength is Stuart Ward’s unique method of nourishing the body-mind by developing the skill of strength.

The Art of Strength uses body weight exercise along with ancient training equipment from around the world such as kettlebells, suspension straps, Indian clubs, battle ropes, maces and sandbags. These tools all require a specific skill and offer the most effective and fun way to develop a strong, mobile, robust body along with mental toughness and reduced stress.

A welcome side effect is the athletic appearance that begins to form as metabolism speeds up, and muscles appear more toned.

Being stronger not only makes daily life much easier it allows you to have a head start in all other physical activities from picking up a new sport to carrying around your grandchildren. It can be used to aid recovery and rehabilitate from injury, develop a lean, toned body or simply for the fun that can be had in learning a new life skill.

The Art of Strength method draws on Stuart’s experience as a competitive power and weightlifter. Competing at just 60kgs bodyweight Stuart looked to develop lifting technique rather than bulky muscles. Stuart also draws on his experience learning from The Iron Tamer Dave Whitley at StrongFirst with body mechanics from Pilates and Tai Chi.


“I see large bulky muscles as restrictive which often leads to pain and imbalance so look to develop strength without increasing bodyweight. I aim to not only help people reap the benefits of a stronger body-mind but also discover the pure joy and fun that can be found when our primal nature to lift heavy stuff is unlocked.”


I offer personal 1-1 training, this can be at your home, local park or other preferred space. I also offer 1-1 coaching through regular skype calls with downloadable videos and written program manuals tailored to you. My personal training, be it at home or online focuses on setting a clear goal for you and creating a plan to reach it in the most effective and fun way.

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