I love working with Stuart, provides great inspiration, ideas and processes. Looking forward to doing more in the year. Very impressed!
— Marc Heighway
I have worked with Stuart for the past 5 years. He motivates me and challenges me whilst concentrating on technique and disciplines to ensure I achieve my goals. Since Working with Stuart I have become the strongest I have ever been, completed a marathon and Tough Mudder, all thanks to his expert guidance.
— Kathy Tilbury
I’ve trained with Stuart for over a year now, and throughout the sessions he has provided a constantly varied and inspiring training plan. His enthusiasm is infectious and helps greatly in achieving your goals. From a once happy couch potato, I can now twirl a fairly hefty kettlebell with some degree of smugness.
— Tracy McDermott
I lost 9 centimeters from my waist in the first two months and haven’t needed to see my chiropractor since I started training with Stuart.
— Tom Gould
I have been having personal training sessions with Stuart for about 12 months. I have found these sessions hugely beneficial. Stuart has taken a holistic approach through exercise, pilates techniques and advice and guidance on an appropriate eating regime.

My main aim was to lose weight, and I am delighted with the results that he has helped deliver. While by nature I am not someone who seeks out exercise for enjoyment Stuart has been hugely motivational and inspirational in encouraging me to exercise, producing varied and fun programmes with the aim of achieving targets we agreed together – and the results have been rapid – recognised by both myself and feedback from my friends.

With the variety and kind of exercises Stuart has given me these have improved and strengthen a weakening arthritic knee. With his professional, articulate and never-ending enthusiasm I have, and still am, achieving a very rewarding weight loss. This all leads to me feeling more confident and so much more physically fit and energetic.
— Judith Martin
Best dam trainer I have used. Really takes an interest and gives 100% He has got me wanting to come back for more! and that takes some doing. This a genuine endorsement.
— Patrick Kuness
I have been attending personal training sessions with Stuart for 5 weeks and I cant actually put into words the benefits I feel from his plans and encouragement. Not only have I started to lose weight but I also feel better with increased energy levels and body posture. Highly recommended!
— James Geasler
I trained with Stuart for over a year and during that time trained in Pilates, Strength/Conditioning and Tai Chi. Stuart is not only a great teacher but practitioner of these disciplines, which allows him to teach from a stand point of experience making his training more effective and efficient. I would definitely recommend Stuart to anyone wanting to train in these disciplines.
— John Ogden
I have known Stuart as a personal trainer and Tai Chi teacher for more than 10 years. He has always impressed me with his knowledge of fitness and physical health together with his commitment and passion for his subject.Emotional intelligent, a good listener and an ability to motivate those he is working with.It is a privilege to take part in one of Stuart’s classes or to have personal training.
— Catherine Lyne