Based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this complete conscious movement system is a perfect solution to our modern sedentary lifestyle.

The mat based exercise will nourish the body-mind with breath led movement, allowing you to flex, extend and twist with precision, grace and flow.

The beauty of Pilates practice is that it can be tailored to any level of fitness making it perfect for people new to exercise or for rehabilitation, as well as those who want to get into shape. 

Strength, flexibility, co-ordination and concentration soon improve with the precise movements that re-educate the body to move as nature intended.

Pilates is a perfect remedy for people who suffer with back pain, tight, stiff muscles and those who need to de-stress.


“I first completed my formal classical Pilates training in 2004 and used this as a base to begin exploring other movement practices such as yoga, Alexander technique, Qi gong and primal movement. I combine my experience to create my own unique twist on the classical Pilates method as a way to re-educate the body-mind for pain free movement and fitness longevity.”


I offer personal 1-1 training, this can be at your home, local park or other preferred space. I also offer 1-1 coaching through regular skype calls with downloadable videos and written program manuals tailored to you. My personal training, be it at home or online focuses on setting a clear goal for you and creating a plan to reach it in the most effective and fun way.

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