Kettlebell Deadlift Tutorial

It’s called the deadlift because you lift a “dead weight” off the floor.

I think a much better name would be the “health lift” for its huge array of benefits for the body.

The kettlebell deadlift will teach you to become a human crane making you able to pick heavy things off the floor with ease. This move will also lay the foundation for many exercises to come. The Deadlift will build strength through the entire body and get it working as a coordinated unit.

To learn how to perform the deadlift correctly watch my youtube video or follow the step by step instructions below.

1. Set Up

Start by connecting your feet with the floor either side of the kettlebell.

Deadlift Setup

2. Hip Hinge 

Next hinge at your hips by sticking your bottom out as if sitting into a chair. Firmly grab the handle of the kettlebell and draw your shoulders away from your ears.

Keep your chest up with eyes looking forward.

Take a deep, low breath in to prepare for the lift feeling the increased support around your spine. 

Deadlift Hip Hinge.jpg

3. Lift 

To lift the kettlebell imagine pushing your feet under the ground to straighten your body. At the same time breath out and brace your mid-section as if expecting a punch in the stomach. Your whole body should be tense and tight while standing to keep it strong and supported with the weight.


Repeat the lift for the desired number of repetitions.

Coaching tips

  1.  Think hinge at your hips first.
  2. It helps to imagine that your feet are going through the floor as you lift the kettlebell.
  3. The spine should be straight and long at all times.
  4. Keep your shoulders away from your ears
  5. Keep your arms straight at all times with this lift. They are just hooks to hold the kettlebell.