Kettlebell Halo Tutorial

The Halo is designed to counteract the modern day slouching posture by mobilizing and strengthening the upper back as well as elbows and wrists.

It’s called a Halo because the kettlebell orbits your head just like an angelic halo would.

To make sure you get the full benefit of the exercise follow my youtube tutorial or the instructions below.

1. Set Up

Start by holding the kettlebell upside down by the horns


Kettlebell Halo

2. Rotate

Keeping the kettlebell at eye level rotate it behind your head in a clockwise direction. When the kettlebell is behind your head it should be facing the right way up.



Kettlebell Halo

3. Finish

Complete the the halo orbit so that the kettlebell is back in front of your face and upside down again.