Kettlebell Goblet Squat Tutorial

As we get older we lose the ability to squat correctly from too much sitting. Muscles soon seize up becoming tight and weak.

One of my answers to this is the Goblet Squat.

The Goblet Squat is designed to introduce you to the squat movement pattern and make it as easy to learn as possible while adding some resistance.

The position of the kettlebell teaches you to open the hips and keep the spine straight. The goblet squat will strengthen most of the body, especially backside, and thigh muscles.

Watch my tutorial video or follow the instructions below to make sure you perform the Goblet Squat correctly.

1. Set Up

Begin by holding the kettlebell by the horns at chest height.


Goblet Squat

Your feet should be shoulder width apart with toes turned out to 40 degrees. Adjust the stance a little if you need to so that it is more comfortable.

Take a deep, low breath feeling the compression in the mid-section.

2. Squat

Hinge at your hips and squat down so that your elbows are inside your knees. Use your elbows to slightly push the legs open. Keep your chest and chin up with eyes looking forward so that your spine stays straight. Legs should be parallel to the floor or lower if you can. Stay tight!


Goblet Squat

3. Stand

To return to the start position, squeeze your backside muscle and imagine pushing your feet through the floor to stand back up again. Exhale and brace your abs as you do. 

Coaching tips

  1. Hinge at your hips first.
  2. Think sink between your legs. Don’t fold.
  3. Don’t lose the tension you create at the start of the exercise by relaxing at the bottom of the squat. Stay tight throughout the exercise.
  4. To find the best stance sink as low into the squat as you can “arse to grass” while keeping your heals flat on the floor. Adjust the width of the feet and angle of the toes until it feels most comfortable. This is generally the best stance for you.