Reverse Lunge Tutorial

The reverse lunge is another movement which works as an antidote to the posture our modern life puts us in.  It opens the hips, strengthens and tones most of the lower body while improving balance.

Watch the video tutorial or follow the description below to perform the reverse lunge safely and effectively.


1. Set Up

Stand in an upright position with your hands on your hips.

Reverse Lunge

2. Step Back

Take a deep breath in and take a step backwards with your right leg while simultaneously bending at your left knee.


Reverse Lunge Step Back .jpg

3. Stand

Push down with both feet while breathing out to drive the body back up to a standing position.

Repeat, alternating legs.

Coaching tips

  1. Keep shoulders above hips and spine tall.
  2. Don’t let the knee of the front leg go over the toe.