PUPP Tutorial

The press up position plank is the corner stone of my nourishing moves programs. Before I get clients lifting weights I make sure they can hold themselves  in a  strong press up position plank. The pupp with teach you to hold your body with correct tension and as one whole unit creating whole body strength.

To understand the important carry-over that this exercise has imagine it being similar to standing up straight with a heavy weight as with the deadlift. The whole body is braced and strong. Remember tension equals strength.

To learn how to perform the pupp you can follow the tutorial video or follow the description below.


1. Set Up

Start in the box position (on all fours) with hands below shoulders and knees bellow hips. Focus your eyes on your fingertips while gripping the ground with your hands.

Lengthen through your spine and draw your shoulder blades down your back. As you do this, make sure that the crease of your elbow faces your opposite thumb. This creates a stable and strong base for the upper-body.

Take a deep breath in and feel the compression in your mid section

Tuck your toes under and push one leg away at a time so that they are straight. Feet should end up shoulder width apart.


Push Up Position Plank.jpg

2. Hold

Squeeze thigh’s backside, midsection and all the other muscles that you can feel. 

Coaching tips

  1. You need to use 80/20 breathing with then pupp. After taking a deep breath in only breath 20% in and out. This keeps the compression and strength around the mid–section like a belt holding your waist in place.
  2. Imagine pointing your belly button towards your face.
  3. Keep your body tight and braced.Shoulders, hips and ankles should all be inline.