Quinoa & Curried Plantain

A simple meal which should be eaten in a simple way. Sat out on the lawn in the sunshine. Eating on the floor is a perfect life stack by mixing joint mobility and strength with eating.    Eat on the floor for an added earthing effect which you can read more about here.

Every time I buy plantain from a new shop the shop assistant asks "you do know they are not bananas?" Plantains are more starchy than bananas and far better for cooking. Plantains are best left until the skin is black, making them deliciously sweet.  With the quinoa and cashew nuts there is a good balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate making it a perfect post-training meal.

The ingredients below should make enough to feed two people.


 1 cup of quinoa

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

2 ripe plantains, peeled and chopped 

1 tablespoon of curry powder

3 tablespoons of desiccated coconut

2 handfuls of cashew nuts  


Add two cups of water to the quinoa and bring to the boil. Leave to simmer for 15-20 minutes. After this time turn the heat off and leave the lid on so the quinoa soaks the rest of the water. The quinoa should be dry and fluffy when ready.

Once the quinoa has finished cooking heat the coconut oil in a frying pan and fry the plantain for about 2 minutes each side. Sprinkle the curry powder and desiccated coconut on the plantain and keep turning to avoid it sticking or burning. Once the plantain has turned a dark golden yellow remove from the heat. 

Serve with the quinoa, cashew nuts and some hot Caribbean sauce.

Quinoa &  Curried Plantain.jpg